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Creature Name: Hellequin
Other Names/Variants: Harlequin; from Middle Dutch hellekijn, meaning little hell.

The main myth concerning the hellequin comes from medieval France. There he is found as the messenger of the Devil, coming straight from the inside of the Earth (hence his blackened face) and leading a boisterous gang of evil spirits, la Maisnie Hellequin. With his sorrowful whitened face and his white loose pyjamas hanging around him like a shroud, he symbolizes the realm of the dead.

Very little of the myth has any bearing on the hellequin themselves - what humans understood was the tie between hellequin and death, as well as the creature's ability to assimilate the body parts of others into its own body. This was originally reflected in a costume with many patches - in the medieval era, this costume was sewn of human skin - in the modern day, the legend has changed into something considerably more innocent.

Physical Description: Hellequin typically look normal at a surface glance but those who view their bodies will often find them ugly or think that there are aspects of their features that do not quite match up. It might be legs that seem TOO slender or ears too large. These features aren't always obvious - there is a simple feeling of not quite fitting that all hellequin possess though they seem normal humans on the surface.

Supernatural Abilities/Powers:

Hellequin have the ability to prolong their lives and copy certain skills of humans through flesh transferral. Namely, by severing the body parts of a human and grafting them to their own body as a replacement for their own skin. These replacements last only a limited time - generally between six months to a year - and as a result, the hellequin must often strike to preserve their lives by replacing hellequin skin with human flesh. The skills that they receive from these body parts are tactile and not easily interpreted. The skills last only as long as the flesh remains.


- Hellequin skills last only as long as the body part that retained them.
- Hellequin must kill or dismember humans at least once every 12 months. On occasion, the body parts they receive do reject their new host and dramatically.
- Hellequin die in the same manner as humans but they are not killed by the severing of any limb that isn't the head. They do have the ability to stop blood flow to selected body parts while they graft. Grafting, however, takes time - often, hours.

Intelligence Level: As humans

Speech Level: As humans

Organization: While hellequin are generally aware of one another and will unite to work in pairs, typically speaking, one urban area cannot support more than 5-6 hellequin at a time.

Creation: Hellequin are not born but created - the one body part a hellequin cannot replace is their head. The blood that comes from that head has magical properties. Hellequin kidnap young human children and raise them as their own - if they feed their lifeblood to a person for seven days, the recipient's original body begins to decay and they become hellequin themselves.

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